On the Cover: Iranian Speed Climber

Interview conducted by Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
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Editor-in-Chief of ClimbSkiBoulderMagazine.com
Interview © Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.

She's talented, dedicated and regarded as one of Iran's best female speed climbers. Farnaz is shattering a lot of stereotypes on her way to becoming one of the fastest speed climbers in the world. Let's have a chat with the beautiful and powerful face of climbing in Iran!

Be sure to follow her on her social media pages because this amazing athlete is making climbers and women (and men) proud all over the globe.

Editor: How old were you when you first developed an interest in climbing, Farnaz?

Farnaz: I have been rock climbing for about 14 years since the age of 13. I got interested in climbing when I was a kid: I climbed the small artificial wall we had in our yard.

Editor: That's pretty amazing. Where did you complete your first climb?

Farnaz: My first exposure was a project in an outdoor location in our neighborhood where I climbed a technical route with my brother.

Editor: When did you start competing professionally?

Farnaz: I got involved in competitions back in 2004, one year after starting my professional climbing. Surprisingly, my first title was in lead climbing where I had outstanding performance in national competitions. The year after, I moved on to speed climbing which turned out to be my true passion. In 2011, I grew a special interest in competitive climbing and pursued my dream and career more
seriously which led me to focus on international venues.

Editor: To which countries has your climbing profession taken you?

Farnaz: I have been fortunate to take part in many international competitions, world championships and world cups. To name a few, I have had the chance to compete in Macao, China, South Korea, Canada, Spain, France, Indonesia, Azerbaijan and Italy.

Editor: Who are some climbers that you admired when you started out in climbing?

Farnaz: I have always admired good old climbers such as Wolfgang Güllich and very competent second generation climbers like Chris Sharma, Dave Graham and Lynn Hill.

Editor: That's cool. Lynn Hill is an icon! How popular is climbing in your country?

Farnaz: Fortunately, my country has numerous good climbing locations for all sorts of climbing activities. However, rock climbing is rather new and definitely not as popular as soccer. Yet, with the help of good gear, equipment and media more people are being introduced to this lovely sport.

Editor: Thank you for opening doors in Iran for female speed climbers. What is your goal as a professional climber?

Farnaz: I have a zest for constant improvement. My short-term goal is to become one of the best climbers in the field of speed climbing world-wide. My long term goal is to go out in the nature and get actively involved in outdoor and adventure rock climbing and send many challenging projects around the world. Finally, I would like to share my experience with the new generation especially women who are underrepresented in this exciting sport.

Editor: Thank you for interviewing with us, Farnaz. We wish you all the best and hope to conduct a follow-up interview again.

Farnaz: I appreciate your taking the time to arrange an interview with me. Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about climbing activities in my country and sharing with you about my personal enthusiasm and objectives in undertaking a professional career in rock climbing.


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