Farnaz Esmaeilzadeh: Professional athlete, Rock climber, World cup competitor, Asian champion, National record holder for women's speed climbing.


I’ve been climbing for 13 years, and have represented Iran in international competitions for the past ten years. I have been among the pioneering women in route setting for national competitions.

I love all types of climbing, and I am proud to be national champion for women’s speed climbing, I've held my title for nine years now. I also hold the Iranian speed climbing record and have it for 7 years now. My other achievements include: Asia Champion, World ranking of 6th (2013 world cup), World ranking of 7th (2015) and first place at the Canadian championships in 2015.

I have been fortunate to have the chance to serve as a public speaker (TEDx, PBC at Amir-Kabir University, etc.), communicate with sports media (climbing magazine, ClimbSkiBoulder magazine, Le Monde, Sportiva, UK climbing, etc.), engage in various activities concerning promoting sports for women and coaching among others.

Also, I enjoy traveling, playing guitar and painting in my free time.

2017 Goals:  - Being the first Iranian woman on yet more competitive international podia, - Breaking national and personal records in speed climbing, - Maintain or Improve world ranking among speed climbers, - Improve bouldering and overall performance levels, - Promote sport climbing especially among women, specifically speed climbing in wide range communities, -  Lead and inspire others world-wide in matters concerning sports, health and well-being practices.


Medals medals180n

Silver Medal (Speed) Canadian National Championship, Victoria BC

3th Place (Speed Relay) Asian Championship, China, Duyun

Silver medal ( Overall ) Fajr cup. Hamedan , Iran

Bronze medal ( Bouldering ) Fajr cup Hamedan , Iran

Medals medals180n

Silver (Bouldering), Silver (Speed) Fajr Cup in Zahedan & Tehran, IRAN

Silver (Speed) BC Provincial Competition in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

7th Place (Speed) World Cup in Central Saanich, Canada

First Place (Speed) Canada’s National Championship, Victoria, British Colombia

Gold Medal (Speed) National Championship of IRAN, Tehran

Silver Medal (Bouldering) Zagros Cup, Ahwaz, IRAN

Gold Medal (Speed) Fajr Cup, Tehran, IRAN

Medals medals180n

Silver (Speed) Season Competition, Polur, IRAN

Gold (Speed) and Silver (Bouldering) Fajr Cup

Silver (Speed) Asia, Indonesia, Asian Cup, Lombok

Medals medals180n

Gold (Speed), Silver (Bouldering), Silver (Overall) IRAN Fajr Cup.

Gold (Speed) Asia, IRAN, Tehran, Mellat Park

6th Place (Speed) Korea World Cup, Mokpo

Medals medals180n

Silver (Speed Relay), 6th place (Speed) & Bronze (Overall) in China Asian Championship

Gold (Speed), Silver (Bouldering), Silver (Overall) IRAN Championship

Bronze (Bouldering) in Open Bouldering Competition

Medals medals180n

Gold (Speed) & Bronze (Bouldering)

Silver (Bouldering) IRAN championship

Silver (Speed) Fajr International Master Cup & 5th Place (Bouldering)

Medals medals180n

Silver (Speed) & Silver (Bouldering) Fajr Cup


Silver (Speed) & Bronze (Bouldering) IRAN Championship


Golden (Speed) Iranian Olympiad


Competing in China World Cup, 3th Place (Speed) in Team Ranking

Silver (Speed) Iranian Olympiad & Silver (Speed) IRAN Championship


Silver (Lead), Bronze (Speed) IRAN Championship

Bronze (Speed) International Competition


Silver (Speed) IRAN Adults


Silver in (Lead) & Silver in (Speed)


Silver Medal in IRAN Championship (Lead)


Indoor Climbing’s Coaching Degree in Level 3

Climbing’s Judgment Degree in Level 3

Route Setting Degree in Level 3

Fitness Coaching Degree in Level 3

Zumba Instruction Certificate B1

China, World cup 2007.

Macau, Asian indoor Games 2007.

China, Asian competition 2010.

Italy (Arco), world championship 2011.

China, Asian championship 2012.

Korea, world cup (Mokpo) 2013.

China, world cup (Haiyang) 2013.

China, world cup (Wujiang) 2013.

Azerbaijan, world cup (Baku) 2014.

Indonesia, Asian Championship (Lombok) 2014.

Spain world Championship (Gijon) 2014.

Canada world cup (Victoria) 2015.

Canada world cup (Toronto)2015.

France world cup ( Chamonix ) 2015.

China Asian Championship(Ningbo) 2015.

Canadian Championship (Victoria.BC)2016

China Asian Championship ( Duyun ) 2016

Italy world cup ( Arco ) 2016

France world championship ( Paris ) 2016

Germany Adidas Rock Stars ( Stuttgart ) 2016


Top Ranks

Canadian National Championship


Canadian National Championship


Asian Championship


Asian Championship




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